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Welcome to <br/>Open Vistas Financial Solutions

Welcome to
Open Vistas Financial Solutions

I’m Gregory Page-Romer, BFA™, RSSA® and I’m so glad that you have come to my site. My commitment is to educate and empower you around your relationship to money so that you can build your wealth, create security for you and your family, and enable your dreams.

There’s no single strategy that fits everyone, which is why every one of my clients gets my undivided attention - from planning to execution to follow-up. I’m committed to taking the time necessary to help you understand your finances in a better way and make choices to create the future you and your family deserve. And through my affiliation with Lighthouse Financial Network, I have a team of experts to back me in any financial arena where extra skills and resources would make a positive difference.

I invite you to check out all the material on my website. And I encourage you to take full advantage of MyBlocks™, a free tool that breaks down key financial wellness topics, such as retirement planning and protecting your family, into bite-size modules, known as "blocks." These interactive modules allow you to explore your financial life on your own to discover answers to many questions you may have. You can also bring me in real-time to assist in working on your blocks.

If you'd like my personal help, please take the opportunity to book a free consultation with me. You can schedule an appointment below, send me an email at, or call my office at 631-465-9090 ext. 5026. I truly look forward to speaking with you.

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