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Why "Areas of Specialization"?

Since my practice is open to everyone seeking financial guidance, why do I highlight these areas of specialization?

Because I understand these challenges in an intimate way. I have a wealth of personal experience in each of these areas. I’ve been through many of the challenges and I recognize the gifts and joys. I'm here to help you navigate through the challenges so that you can enjoy the gifts.

But please note: you don’t need to fit into any of these categories. No matter what financial questions, concerns and dreams you might have, I look forward to being able to help.



As a senior planning for the positive future you so richly deserve, you’re faced with a huge number of choices. For example:

  • Planning for living on a fixed income
  • Budgeting for long and short-term healthcare costs
  • Choosing the right Medicare plans
  • Maximizing your retirement accounts, annuities and pensions
  • Maxizing your Social Security benefits
  • Addressing estate planning
  • Considering working part-time and building your retirement portfolio

Navigating these issues takes skill, patience and up-to-date knowledge. The goal? A fulfilled, safe and meaningful future without concern of outliving your money and leaving a legacy if so desired.



LGBTQ+ people experience unique financial challenges. These challenge us --to develop real mastery and skills in handling our finances: Unfortunately, compared to non-LGBT people, LGBTQ+ people have higher rates of poverty, lower rates of homeownership, and higher rates of homelessness. Also, LGBTQ+ people can still face widespread discrimination in housing and mortgage lending. LGBTQ+ people are also less likely to feel confident in their investment knowledge and their financial life.

With strong, personalized financial planning, you have a real foundation for achieving your life-dreams.

<strong>Loved Ones with Disabilities</strong>

Loved Ones with Disabilities

Navigating care and support for our loved ones with disabilities can be extremely challenging. Complex, intertwined rules and regulations, and the vast number of issues to be considered can make this an overwhelming task. Which is why getting expert help can make all the difference in the world.  The gratification of knowing that you are caring for and protecting your loved one in the best way possible is both a joy and a comfort.

As a parent of a daughter with a disability, this area is very close to my heart. I’m passionate about helping families plan for the present and future needs of family members with disabilities. I’m here to help!

<strong>Do You Have Questions for Me?</strong>

Do You Have Questions for Me?

Click on the button below...You can actually speak your questions to me and I will get back to you with an answer. I look forward to answering as many of your questions I can. Don't be shy - if it matters to you, I would like to help.

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